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Always have 2 or 3 places you would ideally like to rent as you may not always be able to afford the suburb where you would like to be. Take some time and work out a budget before looking. MOst people budget for around 30% of what they earn but this varies from person to person.

Another tip is go and visit the area you wish to move into on the weekend so you get an idea of what the area is like and ask other people if they know what it is like. As once you move in you have generally signed a lease and are stuck there till the lease runs out, not a good thing if the neighbours tend to party a bit to much.

Also ask the property agent/owner if they have any information on the property for example how long were the last tenants were in the house as if the turnover in tenants is high you will want to know why. Is it problems with the house for example, house gets broken into weekly or abusive neighbours. If this is the case has the property agent/owner resolved the problem.

Another thing to look at is are you close to the services you need and how far/long is the trip to work/schools.

Pluses and Minuses

  • Your own place is great for privacy but you will have to service the expenses yourself.
  • Close to town is great for the night/weekend life but drive the rent costs up.
  • Being out in the country is great for the weekend relaxation but far to travel for work and visiting.

Some useful links to help with the information on this page. - work your budget out first. - Find out if your perfect place is in the correct school zone. - see how far that journey is to work/school.

All details supplied on this page are for your reference only and RentSearch take no responsibility for incorrect details or problems occurring from these services


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