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Moving in:

Firstly you may want to contact a power and telecommunications company to make sure your utilities are connected and working for when you move in. We have links to some of the main suppliers in NZ just go here.

Once you have found that perfect place to move into you will need to do an inspection with the property manager/owner. The initial inspection should be done with both parties present and should be very in-depth and everything documented down to the little chips of paint on the master bedroom door. If this is not done correctly you could have a bill at move out time for any damage that is found weather or not it is damage caused by yourself or friends. You should start at the front of the property at the letterbox and work through inspecting carpet to ceiling including little things like window catches and hinges on older houses. Both parties should keep a signed copy of the document for reference.

Both parties at move in time should also come to an arrangement to have the house inspected or a regular basis as so the property manager/owner can organise repairs for wear and tear. This also requires the tenant to take down notes of things that need attention and pass this on to the property manager/owner at the early possible time as to avoid further damage.

Most landlords will already have some sort of insurance but this does not cover the tenants personal belongings. We highly recommend that tenants get individual contents insurance to cover themselves for fire, theft and other nasty accidents. Always seek professional advice here and make sure you are covered for your situation. Not all flatmate's can be trusted!

As part of of moving in make sure all documentation is signed and bonds pay up and that you pay your rent on time or you could be moving out as quickly as you moved in.

Some useful links to help with the information on this page.

contacts page - We have short listed companies you may need to contact. - MAINZ-Ltd for all your insurance needs. - see how far that journey is to work/school.

Example of a checklist - Property inspection checklist.pdf


All details supplied on this page are for your reference only and RentSearch take no responsibility for incorrect details or problems occurring from these services


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